Early Years

Founded in 1887, Dunnellon Florida soon became known for phosphate mining. As a result of phosphate mining, the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Co opened a station in 1908 to help transport phosphates, logs, and passengers to their destinations.

Adults and children alike would come by the station to see the train as it carried animals for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey. During World War 2, the line would carry military personnel and equipment.

Rainbow River

Blue Run, now known as Rainbow River, was first used commercially to float phosphates and other cargo due to the natural flow of the currents. Many years later, the Rainbow River is now part of the Rainbow Springs State Park. Many people come from all over to see the beauty hidden in Dunnellon Fl.

Rainbow River is unparalleled in beauty and rich history of Dunnellon

The Dunnellon Lions Club

Chartered in 1945, the Dunnellon Lions Club has been an active part of our community. In the beginning, this club has helped locals to obtain the glasses they needed, but could not afford to pay for. Throughout the years, the Dunnellon Lions Club has evolved to not only assist people who need glasses, but help raise awareness to underlying diseases that cause blindness. We offer Diabetes screening and retina scanning to help find issues before they take hold.

The Dunnellon Lions Club raises awareness for hunger and help facilitate food drives to feed people in our town. But we do not stop there. If a town close to us suffers a major blow, the Dunnellon Lions are there to offer assistance.

In August of 2016, Hurricane Hermine swept through North-East Florida all but destroying a small island town, Cedar Key. Once the roads were opened, members of the Dunnellon Lions Club reached out to local residents to ask for help in collecting supplies and funds to provide hot meals. Within hours, a truck was loaded and on its way.

The members of the Dunnellon Lions Club are proud to be a part of this community, proud to participate in local events and pageants, and proud to be able to assist those who need us most.